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Emma Nelson

Emma Nelson

Emma Nelson, RD, LDN, CPT

Growing up as a competitive dancer fueled my passion for fitness and nutrition, but a lack of proper resources for retired dancers led me down a path of overexercising and extreme dieting. This innocent pursuit turned into excess cardio, struggles with weight, body dysmorphia, and anxiety around food. Recognizing the prevalence of extreme dieting in our culture and the multibillion-dollar diet industry, I decided to pursue a career in fitness and nutrition to help women avoid the same mistakes I’ve made.

While in school to become a registered dietitian, I took my first barre class and never looked back. I became a certified Pure Barre instructor and NASM certified personal trainer. I have taught barre for 6 years now, and am excited to develop my own barre method, taking elements I love from classic ballet barre, to resistance training, to musically driven workouts.

I’m very passionate about moving your body in ways that FEEL good as a celebration of what your body can do! Gone are the days of exhausting workouts that take a toll on your body. Join me for a good barre burn and a fun playlist. I’ll see you on the mat!

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Emma Nelson