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Prenatal Program

Prenatal Program

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Prenatal Program
  • Prenatal Intro Program

    Episode 1

  • "Little Adapts" Conceiving + Pregnancy Ebook

    6.67 MB

    Are you excited + overwhelmed by pregnancy all at once? Even as a nutrition + fitness professional, I know I was. This nutrition, fitness + holistic health guide was built to empower and support pregnant mamas who want to feel their best and reduce anxiety and stress during pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy Fitness Guidelines

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  • Prenatal Modifications

    Episode 2

    Learn what to avoid during your 1st, 2nd + 3rd trimesters and modifications and props you can use throughout your pregnancy.

  • Movement for Mamas To Be Weekly Calendar

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  • Pregnancy Yoga Modifications

    Episode 3

    This short video will show you how to modify your vinyasa flow as you progress through your pregnancy.
    *Note: You'll also need to stop doing upward dog, cow, and wheel poses once you're past 12 weeks as there is just too much abdominal pressure at that point.

  • Prenatal Breathwork

    Episode 4

    Learn about the importance of breath work during pregnancy to activate and engage your core and pelvic floor. You will learn the following breath work:
    -360 degree breathing

  • Prenatal Breathwork - Labor + Pushing Prep

    Episode 5

    This prenatal breathwork series focuses on breathing techniques to help with pain management during labor + birth:
    -Patterned Breathing
    -Pushing Prep Breathwork

  • 15 Min Pelvic Floor Prenatal Pilates Flow - Dr. Sara Johnson

    Episode 6

    Dr. Sara Johnson
    Email: [email protected])
    Phone: 205-275-1510
    IG: @ptsarajohnson2019

    ***Please consult your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program. By using our videos, you understand and agree that neither Little Adapts By Jax LLC nor any persons associated with it have any...

  • Dr. Lauren Johnson - Pregnancy Chiropractic Healthcare Provider Guide

    216 KB

  • Dr. Lauren Johnson, Chiropractor - Prenatal Chiropractic Care Exercises

    Episode 7

    Here are four movements I do like for pregnancy that I think some people skip over.

    1. GOBLET SQUAT - This exercise helps to load the mid back strength that will help a lot in postpartum lifting, holding, and feeding. Prenatal it is great for challenging the hip ranges of motion and mimicking a ...

  • "Little Adapts" For How I Prepared My Body For Pregnancy

    Episode 8

    My top “little adapts” for balancing your hormones and preparing your body for pregnancy. This video is for everyone - it doesn’t matter if you’re trying in 3 months, 1 year or 5!

  • 30 Min Pre/Postnatal Pelvic Floor - Breathwork + Movement

    Episode 9

  • Alyssa Brieloff - 5 Min Protection Meditation

    Episode 10

    While the journey to motherhood looks different for everyone, we must surrender to the unknown. This is not a time to control but rather to take each day as it comes. The only thing we can control is how we show up for ourselves during this time.

    This is part of Alyssa Brieloff's Aligned Mama Ed...