"Little Adapts" Conceiving + Pregnancy Program

"Little Adapts" Conceiving + Pregnancy Program

Are you excited + overwhelmed by pregnancy all at once? Even as a nutrition + fitness professional, I know I was. This nutrition, fitness + holistic health program was built to empower and support pregnant mamas who want to feel their best and reduce anxiety and stress during pregnancy.

It is my heart and soul and it's exactly what I did to have a low-risk, healthy pregnancy that kept me strong, sane, and prepared for labor + birth. This program includes:

1. Pregnancy Nutrition, Fitness, and Holistic Health Ebook (50 pages + broken out by trimester) and includes:
-Nutrition guidelines, supplements and recipes
-Pregnancy symptoms + remedies
-Fitness guidelines for what to modify + avoid
-Birth Plan, Hospital Bag List, and Postpartum Essentials
-Additional resources and product recommendations
-Plus, discount codes and a FREE month to my Little Adapts By Jax App!

2. Trimester Monthly Workout Calendar, which includes:
-40 Workouts (sculpt, yoga/yoga sculpt, cardio)
-Pregnancy Workout + Yoga Modifications
-Prenatal and Pushing + Labor Prep Breath Work

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey and you shouldn't have to do it alone, mama. I got you!


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"Little Adapts" Conceiving + Pregnancy Program